Harwood Game

The Harwood Game Company is committed to changing the way that we think about buying and eating game in the UK.

Venison offered for sale in Britain is usually sold as just that – ‘venison’, and is very often farmed. This is an excellent product, but quite different from the wild version. Harwood Game firmly believe that ‘deer’ should be looked at as individual species. They live in very different habitats; have very different diets and, not unsurprisingly, each taste very different too. On their site, you will buy meat from a specific deer species whenever possible.

The Harwood Game Company only ever sells wild venison. This means an animal that was hunted and humanely despatched with skill and care by their team of vastly experienced deer handlers, all of whom are qualified to DSC level 2 or above. This guarantees that shot placement and carcass handling is first class.

Provenance is also key to their business. They know where every animal was shot, when, and by whom. This is thanks to excellent modern legislation that requires hunters to be qualified in carcass inspection and to tag each deer with a specific number. This guarantees traceability. The majority of their deer come from Southern England where they all do incredibly well. The living is easy, and the meat is always in excellent condition. These deer are never strong in flavour, and as a matter of policy are never hung for more than five days in a chiller. As a result of this careful process, their meat freezes brilliantly.

Their game birds are selected only from estates renowned for their good practise, and bird quality. They carefully hand select the best plucked birds to ensure a minimum of shot damage, and guarantee they will have been hung in the chiller for less than five days. Game birds come stuffed with hay and herbs to keep them in perfect condition.

The Harwood Game Company is the brainchild of Mike Robinson, Brett Graham and Alan Hayward. The business was started to address a need from our customers for the very best wild venison and game to be found in the UK. Their products are only sourced from the best stalkers and shoots, who really know how to look after their game. The people behind this business are the most knowledgeable in their field, and are obsessive about quality control.

Please call 07803 027 888 for more information or to place an order.

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