Canine Photos

Richard prefers to work outside in a natural light with the dogs whether they are simply enjoying a walk, working, at rest or playing. Each session is very relaxed and informal resulting in minimal stress to either dog or owner.

They have the facilities to create many different action shots for example a dog jumping a fence with a pheasant in its mouth. In order to do this we have to be able to ensure the dog performs the required behaviour reliably. It is no use trying this sort of shot with a dog that won't retrieve for example.

Their background in canine behaviour training helps get the best shots of your dog whose wellbeing is a priority throughout. Richard is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (01042) and has been assessed according to a strict code of practise. The APDT offers owners a guarantee of quality and dog expertise in their area, using only kind and fair principles.

The camera is not magical and dogs will not start performing just because the camera is there. Also asking the dog to do something it does not understand or is not comfortable with may stress them. Often these sorts of tasks need some basic training beforehand to allow us to explain to the dog what is required of them. Our background in dog training allows us to easily do this. If you think you will need assistance in training please advise us when you book the shoot so we can discuss this beforehand.

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