Canine Solutions

At Canine Solutions they aim to lead the way in modern gundog training. Their ethos centres around having fun with your dog, whilst at the same time learning to harness his/her natural ability using kind, highly effective methods.

Their aim is simple - to bring fun to gundog training.

Canine Solutions was founded by two of the areas leading dog training organisations – Canine Education and Four Paw Solutions. Between them they have extensive experience of teaching people how to train their dogs using reward-based, motivational methods. They also all own and work their own gundogs to a very high standard, but they say their experience of the gundog world to date has been at best disappointing, and at worst distressing.

For too long gundog training has been synonymous with harsh, punishment based training which relies on creating an element of fear in the dog. They want to challenge this because they know that if you understand dogs and how they learn, you don’t need to drag them around, hit them, kick them or electrocute them in the name of ‘training’. They feel very strongly that you don’t need to intimidate your dog in order to train him/her reliably. This doesn’t mean being are a pushover (just ask the dogs!), but they are kind and fair and are pleased to say that their dogs love their work as much as they do.

Their training aims to be enjoyable for both you and for your canine companion, building a working relationship based on trust and understanding. They are not interested in competitions or trials, instead their aim is to help you train and enjoy your gundog, be this as a top class working dog in the field, or a pet dog who just wants do a bit more.

The team consists of like minded and very experienced dog trainers and you can find out more on their website. They are all members of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) and as such only use kind, fair and effective training methods.

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