Draper London

DRAPER LONDON is the more relaxed little brother of luxury and bespoke homeware specialist Josephine Home. This tailored range of bed linen, bath linen and throws, focuses on our hero products and remains big on experience and the immersive feel of the range. Like a great wine, our bed linen will age beautifully and it will simply get better with time. No frills, no fuss, just the same attention to fabric and detailing and our signature grosgrain piping. Woven for us in Portugal, our 300 thread count Egyptian cotton is the stuff dreams are made of and, refreshingly, its price will not keep you awake at night either.

The Finest Fabrics: each of our fabrics has been developed & woven for us. We have spent 10 years developing what we think is the best bedlinen on the market with our bespoke brand, Josephine Home. Today, our aim is simple: to bring you the best night's sleep, at the very best price, by bringing our best sellers and hero products directly to you, on line, without any middle man or unnecessary costs.

The Best Suppliers: we work exclusively with British & European mills to design products made to last, to the best standards.

The Details which make all the Difference:

  • 1.Deeper fitted sheets (we allow a 40cm depth);
  • 2.Size labels (so we can find the right size in the laundry cupboard);
  • 3.Tighter stitching (so it does not come apart in the wash, year after year);
  • 4.French Tail opening (which means: a closure without any buttons which break or fall in the wash a much neater looking bed...and -the best feature - no one can still your duvet in the night once the tail opening is safely tucked under your mattress!).

A Guaranteed Longevity: thanks to our exacting standards backed up by testing by independent engineers, we can guarantee that your linen will last, in mint condition, for up to 5 years – and more often closer to 10 years- if well looked after.

Complimentary Gift- Wrapping & Delivery as well as Free Returns come as an extra.


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For further information please visit www.draperlondon.com
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