Silvia Campbell Shoes

Luxury ladies footwear

A Silvia Campbell shoe is an investment in yourself; the ultimate expression of individuality. It is our philosophy that a perfect fit and a beautiful design should never be compromised. We are dedicated to providing exquisite luxury footwear with unparalleled, superior service.

Marrying traditional, prestige British craftsmanship with contemporary modern flair, Silvia Campbell creates shoes which are to be treasured forever. We adopt ecological practices and nurture close, longstanding relationships with all our clients. It is our belief that your footwear should be the perfect collaboration between your own desires and ourselves.

Silvia Campbell shoes are for women for whom "good " is not good enough when it comes to footwear. It is for those with an eye for perfection. Those with the desire to be unique, less concerned with fitting in, more with standing out. Where precision of fit, elegance of design and supreme craftsmanship combine with the finest materials and personal service to deliver the finest in women's footwear.

To achieve a perfect fit, we take detailed measurements of both feet to produce a pair of bespoke wooden lasts upon which the shoes will be made. The designs are hand drawn on the bespoke lasts, our patterns are individually cut for each client to ensure that the shoes uppers fit the lasts perfectly. The shoes are lasted by hand, whereby the uppers are carefully but tightly stretched over the bespoke last, to ensure an even stretch across the whole last.

All of our shoes are hand made by craftsmen in the UK, with the exquisite quality and attention to detail that put our shoes at the pinnacle of the luxury market.

We opened our showroom in Yattendon in November 2012, where we meet our clients and make our shoes. A small number of our clients are local to Berkshire, with the majority being London based and others from countries all around the world. Yattendon Estates has been very supportive throughout our time here, seeking to understand our business to help us grow and build longstanding relationships with our clients. We are very happy to run our business from the village, and already feel like part of the community.

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