Types of Christmas Tree, Selecting Your Tree & Prices

Buying a tree at Yattendon is an annual tradition for many local families. We have a wide range of sizes and several types to choose from. We grow two main varieties of trees: the traditional Norway Spruce and the Nordman Fir.

Would you like to find out more about the two types of tree? Click HERE to find out more.

We also have a range of small potted trees. These are either Norway or Blue Spruce. All stock is from replanted nurseries on the Estate, on a 8-9 year cycle making them fully sustainable.

For our price list please use the links below:

Retail price list

Large trees price list

Please watch the video below for further information on how to choose the right tree for you and your family.

Caring for your tree

Below our team have outlined some advice on caring for your tree once you have left the Yattendon Christmas Barn.