School Farm Visit


On Wednesday 12th June Yattendon Estates hosted Calcot Primary School on a Farms visit. These farm visits are a Warburtons initiative organised by The Country Trust and Farm Manager Nick Down.

The children have been learning about plants and how they grow and in preparation for the day about wheat. On the day we were able to take the children on a tractor and trailer ride out to the fields to show them wheat growing in the ground then back to the barns to learn the process of turning wheat into bread rolls. The children learnt about the process from farm to baker through a clever workshop where they each had a go at collecting the grain from Farmer Nick at Yattendon, grinding wheat into a flour at “the mill” and then processing the flour at “the bakery”. Then it was back outside to inspect the farming machinery. Nick talked the children through what each piece of kit does and there is no doubt that the combine harvester was a big hit!

The children also had a chance to enjoy a bug hunting and identification activity out on the Estate. Collection pots, magnifying glasses and identification charts allowed us to identify our findings and we had quite a collection from spiders to caterpillars and aphids to worms! We even spotted a roe deer!

If you are a local school or know of a local school who would be interested on a farm visit to Yattendon then please do get in touch with us at the Estate Office: 01635 203904 or email

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School Farm Visit