Vicars Game

William Vicars and Son was established in West Street, Reading in 1886 and traded in the same family for three generations as purveyors of English meat and game.

In 1973 the company changed hands and was bought by Alan Hayward, who subsequently opened a specialist game processing department (Vicars Game) in part of the old Reading abbattoirs. This then moved to Scours Lane and subsequently to Ashampstead seven years ago as a separate concern on the site of an old dairy farm which was vacated when the new dairy was built in 2002.

At Casey Fields Farm, in Ashmapstead, they have enlarged their wholesale game and meat processing and opened a catering side to the business. Six years ago, they started to cure their own bacon and expand the sausage manufacturing side, making over 3 tonnes daily. During this period, their turnover quadrupled and the quality and diversity of their products rapidly attracted the attention of an increasing number of prestige retailers and restaurants.

Most of their game is very local to the Newbury are and their location on the Estate situates them in the centre of an area which is very prolific in wild game.

They operate from the Casey Fields Farm Shop on the estate and sell a huge range of delicious food and drinks as well as offering freshly made coffee and cake.

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