Gecko Fitness

At Gecko Fitness, not only do they pride themselves on the high standard of knowledge that their instructors possess, but also on the personalities and characters of the people they select to care for your health and fitness.

They have a team of both male and female coaches all with different skills and qualities, essential to build that vital relationship between client and coach that is the key to success. All Gecko coaches can be found on the Register of Exercise Professionals, ensuring safe and effective training and professionalism throughout.

They understand the importance of the correct training environment and can offer clients three options. They have their own fully equipped studio set in the heart of the Berkshire countryside in Yattendon, offering total privacy for training sessions. They also use the extensive facilities at Bradfield Sports Centre or alternatively you can choose to train in the comfort of your own home.

They like to look at health and fitness as a whole, which is why they realise the benefits of sometimes taking it easy, in order to keep the body fit and healthy. They also realise that in the modern world you can’t go far without stress and tension being too far behind. This is why they feel it is extremely important to offer clients a variety of therapies from relaxing aromatherapy to deep tissue sports massage.

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