In 2023, the Estate took the decision to invest in two rooftop solar schemes.  The first was located at The Renegade Brewery , where a 460 kW has been installed on the four south east facing roof tops above the brewery.  A total of 1,088 PV modules are now sat on the roof harnessing the sun's energy and we anticipate that over 75% of the electricity produced by the system will be consumed by the brewery.  The installation is anticipated to save the equivalent of 84.18 tonnes of carbon each year which is the equivalent to planting 3,866 trees every year.

The second system was installed at one of our Commercial sites, Childs Court Farm, where we have a range of light industrial and commercial occupiers.  This system is slightly smaller at 67 kW and has been designed to match the electricity demands on site.  A total of 165 modules have been fixed to the southern elevation of one of the warehouse buildings and will supply 7 of our tenants with clean electricity.

If you are interested in looking at the performance of the panels and to see how much electricity has been produced by these two systems, then please do click on the links on the right hand side of the page.