Farm and Estate Management

Yattendon is in many ways a traditional farming estate. The Estate operates a large in-hand farm and also has two tenanted farms.

The Estate farm covers an area of 2,201 hectares (5,438 acres). The crops grown are wheat, barley, beans, peas, oil seed rape, linseed, oats and maize. 

The natural environment is at the heart of all the farming carried out on the Estate and you can read more about what we are doing to enhance the local environment here Environmental - Yattendon.  We became a LEAF demonstration farm in 2022 after the culmination of three years hard work by the team.

The land is also used to keep a herd of rare breed British White cattle which can be seen grazing the historic parkland in the centre of the village. 

We also rent additional arable land and undertake contract farming activities for local landowners. 

The two tenanted farms extend to 352 hectares (869 acres). Bower Farm, Aldworth has been farmed by the Walters family for over 100 years and Buckhold Hill Farm, Bradfield has been farmed by the Ward family for over 50 years.