The Estate takes its role within farming and the community very seriously and is known for being environmentally and socially responsible.

We treasure values such as heritage, tradition, authenticity, uniqueness and respect for the real English countryside.

The Estate has practised "responsible English farming” at Yattendon since 1925. This commitment enables us to look forward to a sustainable farming future in the diverse and beautiful landscape of West Berkshire.

The Estate has been a member of the Countryside Stewardship Scheme since October 1998 and more recently has embarked on its most ambitious project yet, with a new Countryside Stewardship Scheme in 2021which will deliver the following over its five year lifespan:

  • 115 acres of grass and wildflower plots
  • 122 acres planted annually with a pollen and nectar mix
  • 65 acres planted with a wild bird food mix
  • 60 acres planted with a bumblebee mix
  • 30 acres of grass buffer strips established
  • 500 acres of over winter cover crops established
  • 350 acres of rotational legume fallow
  • 107 acres of legume & herb rich grass to be established
  • 112 acres of low input & species rich grassland
  • 4.3km of new hedgerow planting & gapping up (on top of the 118km of existing hedgerows 

In 2022, the Estate became a LEAF demonstration farm and we are involved in a range of trials work, including biostimulants, nitrification and urease inhibitors and clover living mulches.  The Estate was one of four farms in the country to be involved in the Resilient and Ready programme, a partnership between LEAF and Corteva Agriscience which focused on training and trials work and sharing experiences with other farmers.