Walters Turkeys

The Walters family have farmed at Bower Farm, high on the Berkshire Downs for over 100 years.

It's a mixed farm with cattle, sheep, arable and more recently turkeys. The turkeys are now a significant part of the business. Phillip and Julia started rearing turkeys in 1971. Nowadays they are still involved, along with their children Helen, Edward and George. It's very much a family run business.

Walters Turkeys produce the finest quality Christmas turkeys by carefully selecting slow growing breeds that reach full maturity naturally. All the turkeys have plenty of space to run about in and enjoy natural daylight.

The Traditional white and free range bronze turkeys are fed on home grown cereal. This is milled on the farm. No growth promoters are ever added to the food. We believe the turkeys are full of flavour and very moist due to the traditional methods used to prepare the turkeys. The Organic Turkeys are reared in exactly the same way on a local organic farm.

The turkeys are all dry plucked on the farm. They are hand finished and then they are hung for at least 7 days in refrigerated storage rooms. The turkeys are then dressed in a purpose built preparation area.

The turkeys are sold turkeys directly from the farm and also to many farm shops, butchers and online retailers. Take a look at for more information.

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